Your Property can Earn Money from Cell Phone Companies.

Wireless Growth

is only accelerating...

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Towerful Solutions

can help you profit from this growth!

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With Towerful Solutions, there are no upfront costs or fees.

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We provide full support in leasing and contract negotiations.

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Decades of experience in wireless contracts & negotiation.

Quick. Simple. Predictable.

Step 1

A Wireless Company approaches you with an interest in building a new cell tower or putting antennas on your existing structures. You direct them to contact Towerful Solutions. We’ll take it from there and negotiate the agreement on your behalf.

Step 2

We’ll coordinate an on-site meeting with the carrier and any interested parties from your organization. You direct them to a spot that minimizes the impact on the value of the property and meets your needs.

Step 3

We’ll provide lease review, pricing negotiations and coordinate with attorneys on both sides. Additionally, we provide on-going support, including monitoring contract compliance, renewals, re-negotiations and general support as-needed.

The Need for Wireless Facilities is Ever-Increasing.

"Last year, U.S. wireless carriers invested more than $30 billion in their networks."

"It is expected that by 2016 wireless traffic will have increased 50 fold from 2012."


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